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Profiles on Viaplay

With profiles you have the opportunity to create your own activity list that doesn’t clash with other viewers, to save your own favorites without mixing them up with the rest of the family, and to ensure that kids only can watch suitable content for their age. Spice up the look with fun profile pictures!

How do I create profiles?

When you create your account, you will also automatically get your own user profile. To create additional profiles click on your own name (in the top right corner) when you are logged in to Viaplay on a computer. There you can manage your current profiles and add new ones.

On other devices, navigate to the Menu by clicking on the three bars located in the top left corner or the Prófíll button in the lower right corner. You can manage profiles on all devices except Apple TV, where you can only switch between existing profiles. If you create a new profile on e.g. your mobile device, it will automatically show up on Apple TV afterwards.

How many profiles can I create?

You can create up to 6 profiles. Out of the six profiles the first profile will always be the main profile and cannot be restricted with age limits etc. The remaining 5 profiles can be modified to whatever you want.

How many can watch simultaneously?

You can still stream on 2 devices at the same time. With mobile devices, you can also download a lot of material to offline mode. Read more about offline here

Kids profiles and restrictions

Make sure the youngest in the family can have a safe streaming environment by creating a kids profile. Once you create a kids profile, you can choose to only show content suitable for children up to 7 years. If you choose to not activate this option, that profile will have access to everything in the Börn section (content suitable for up to 12 year-olds).

For older kids/teens, you can create a regular profile and restrict the displayed content to suit for viewers up to 15 years old. To restrict purchases, read below.

Set purchase lock

Avoid surprises and set a purchase lock on all single purchases (rental/purchase movies as well as PPV events). The lock will apply to all profiles and can be activated via Reikningurinn minn in the browser (click on your name in the top right corner).

Choose a 4-digit code in the settings and save it. Going forward you will be asked for this code every time you want to make a purchase on any of the profiles. No purchasable titles will be visible in a Kids profile (unless it’s already bought).

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