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Star marking content

With Viaplay you can star mark the movies, series or sports events that you find want to save in your favorites to watch later. The content you decide to star mark can then be found in the menu under Stjörnumerkt on all your devices.

You can star mark a movie, TV-show or sports event by clicking on the little star that you find on the specific landing page for the content you want to star mark. If you are logged into the Viaplay app on a mobile device and have notifications turned on for Viaplay, you will get a reminder 5 minutes before a star marked match starts. Worth noting is that it is currently not possible to star mark series through Apple TV.

A tip: Should you rent or buy a movie, you must first complete the order and can then star mark the content to get quick access to the content on all platforms. Read more about the functionalities here.

Starmarking kids content
It is not possible to starmark content through the Börn-section. To starmark kids content, you must search for a specific title instead, or go to the Þáttaraðir > Barnaþættir or Kvikmyndir > Barnamyndir category.

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