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Two streams already in use

All Viaplay accounts are for personal use only and as a customer you have the option to have two different streams on at the same time. This applies to series, movies or sports, excluding Pay-Per-View events where only one stream per account is allowed. If you have two streams running at the same time and try to start a third one, a message will pop up asking you to shut down one of the current active streams in order to keep watching.

If the aforementioned error message still remain unchanged even after you closed one of the streams down, but also after a restart of the stream itself, we recommend that you log out and then log back into your Viaplay account. Then try to restart the content once again.

If you have logged in on your account at a someone else’s house, and forgot to log out afterwards, you can change your password on our website. This way all your devices gets logged out within 24 hours.

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